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How to Cook Oyoyo – Ebira Draw Soup


Oyoyo soup is a special delicacy in Nigeria among the Ebira tribe. The soup is made using the leaves of oyoyo plant. The soup is usually prepared raw and is meant to be paired with stew which is to be used in eating any swallow food such as uka (yam flour), iya (pounded yam), or eba.

The oyoyo soup should not be mistaken with the ewedu soup which is the Yoruba draw soup. Although they are both Nigerian draw soup, have the same color, cooked in similar way, but they are very different from each other. Unlike the ewedu which is cooked in a fresh leafy form, the oyoyo soup is cooked in dried powdered form. Hence, they are different from each other. The oyoyo soup is also different from the ogbono soup, which is another draw soup eaten by the Yoruba people.

The oyoyo soup has many nutritional benefits. Like the ewedu leaf, it is also rich in calcium, fibre, potassium, sodium and other beneficial minerals to the body. It can also be used to enhance digestion, reduce weight and stomach fat, improve male fertility and other benefits. It can also be used in the weaning of babies.

Oyoyo soup is native to Ebira people, it is eaten by other tribes in Nigeria although it is not very popular like ewedu. There was a day I invited a friend of mine over to my house and luckily, we prepared the oyoyo soup with locust bean to be paired with stew. The swallow food combined with it was semo. My friend had to ask what kind of draw soup it was because it draws more than ewedu and gives a savoury taste with the stew.

Ingredients to cook oyoyo soup

  • Powdered oyoyo leaves in the desired quantity.
  • Small pinch of salt (optional)
  • Locust beans

Preparation of the oyoyo leaves

The oyoyo leaves used in preparing the oyoyo soup is not used in the fresh leafy form as in the case of ewedu. Instead, it is used in the dried powdered form.

  • To get the powdered oyoyo leaves, the leaves are first picked from the stalk of the harvested oyoyo plant.
  • After, picking the leaves in large quantity, it is then dried. You can dry by sun drying, air drying or oven drying.
  • Dry till all moisture is completely removed from it.
  • After complete dehydration, you can put the leaves between your two palm, rub together, to convert it to powder. You may decide to use the blender to do this, but it should not be grinded to a fine texture. The texture must be coarse. Once it is in powdered form, it is ready for use.

How to cook the oyoyo soup

  • Place a clean pot with small quantity of water on fire, and leave the water to boil
  • Use some quantity of hot water to wash the locust beans
  • Add the washed locust beans in the boiling water and leave to cook for about 1 minute
  • After this, add some oyoyo leaf powder into the water, and stir together.
  • If the mixture isn’t thick enough and more oyoyo leave powder to it and stir again.
  • Stir very well till the mixture starts to draw well. You may add very small quantity of water and allow to cook for say, 1 minutes.
  • After following the above steps, you are ready to use the oyoyo soup.


We are sure that after reading this article, you must have known how to prepare the oyoyo soup by yourself. Do not hesitate to try this soup because it has a nice taste than even ewedu and also, draws more than ewedu. As mentioned earlier, this soup is combined with stew to eat any swallow food.

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